A New Eye on Brazil and China: Medimix International to Conduct EphMRA Study on Internet Access by Physicians in Emerging Markets
Miami, FL (April 30, 2010)   Medimix International announced today that after a very rigorous selection process, it has been chosen by EphMRA (European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association) to undertake a Foundation Committee project which will look at the extent to which physicians in Brazil and China access the internet. This is the second such project awarded to Medimix, which completed a similar investigation in 2005 on internet access in the Top 5 European countries.
This Foundation Committee project is a four-country study, covering the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), with Medimix the agency chosen to conduct the research in Brazil and China.
EphMRA’s mission as an organization is to develop and improve standards and techniques in Europe for market research in the field of health and healthcare. Through its foundation committee, it regularly undertakes research which will contribute to decision-making processes of its members in their international activities. This study will specifically look at the frequency of access to the internet, the type available (dial up, broadband wireless) the devices most commonly used and more importantly, the physicians’ willingness to participate in market research surveys.
BRIC countries represent a large, heretofore untapped market for pharmaceutical companies. China alone has 384 million internet users, mainly between the ages of 18 and 44, but this figure represents only 29% of the general population. According to previously released figures for 2009, there has been a sharp increase in the usage of mobile devices (99.6% increase) and laptops (42% increase) to access the internet. While not as populous, Brazil is still the sixth largest nation in the world, and its almost 68 million internet users represent over 34 % of the population.
 “We are proud and honored to have been selected by the EphMRA Foundation Committee for undertaking this milestone project,” commented Henry Gazay, CEO of Medimix International. “We see it as recognition from the industry of our efforts to develop marketing research in emerging countries and to explore new innovative techniques to continue serving our clients."
The study will look at whether or not online media is appropriate and unbiased for conducting marketing research in emerging markets. It will also have enormous import for the pharma industry, as it begins to develop new social media strategies and use internet communities to reach its target audience of healthcare professionals. The question looming in the background is whether physicians will follow the same patterns as the general populace and embrace this opportunity to share professional knowledge and express their opinions through the internet.
About Medimix International
Medimix International is a dynamic provider of advanced marketing research solutions for the healthcare industry worldwide. Medimix’s proprietary panel provides direct access to more than 500,000 physicians and healthcare professionals from around the world, making it one of the largest panels in the industry. Medimix has various offices across the globe, including Sao Paolo (Brazil), Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai (China).
Medimix has invested heavily in applying research services in the fast growing on-line arena and for the social web. Medimix recently introduced: Scanbuzz, a social media monitoring platform for life sciences industries, currently tracking top 200 pharmaceutical products and 100 corporate brands in a variety of therapeutic areas. Clients may monitor their own choice of brands, disease or conditions, or any concept in which they are interested. Medimix has also partnered with VoxMed, a worldwide online community for the medical profession where physicians and healthcare professionals may discuss clinical symptoms, treatments, and prevention.

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