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Florham Park, NJ, (Aug.31, 2010) For several years, Medimix International has been conducting concept tests around the globe using its proprietary PromotestTM Model, and it recently compiled the results of 49,838 interviews covering 250 concepts tested in a period from 2006-2010.

Medimix International has now released a White Paper Report, “Cultural Differences in Using Standard Notation Through Promotest™ Studies”, which compares the way healthcare professionals from 20 countries use scoring scales for the five key metrics of Promotest™, Specifically, these metrics are Clarity, Relevance to Practice, Originality, Credibility, and Intention to Prescribe.

Ten countries were then analyzed in depth to give a more definitive appreciation of their behavior. Very clear differences between countries were noted, with deviations lowest for Originality and the highest for Relevance. The implications for surveys with international reach are striking and will have an impact on how meaningful conclusions can be drawn and applied to global marketing campaigns.

Mexicans Are the Most Optimistic

Interestingly, four countries consistently gave strong notations. Of particular note was Mexico, whose respondents always overrated the concepts with a record average of 2.03 /10.

“Mexicans in general have a tendency to be over-positive because they like to “please” and be “nice”. It is important to take this characteristic into account when performing interviews in this country, where you need to dig deeper and ask the right questions to arrive at a more reliable understanding of the thoughts and perceptions of the interviewees,” comments Mexican-born Dr. Tessa Schoor, Chief Medical Officer of Medimix International.

Optimism also seems to be the dominate tone in respondents from the United States and Brazil, while Germany appears strongly pessimistic, consistently giving lower scores than the average.

More moderate responses with low variation rates are seen from France and Spain, where respondents use the full gamut of the scales, with consistent averages.

But Chinese are Sweet and Sour

China is the country which remains somewhat of an enigma. Chinese healthcare professionals tend to score either high or low and responses can vary widely based on the region, type of hospital or education of the respondent.

Chinese results do not typically follow the classic Gaussian distribution, and market researchers have to be careful when normalizing data in China, a country far too complex to be summarized in a single trend. If anything, Chinese respondents tend to overrate Relevance to practice. Researchers performing studies in China would do well to pay attention to this phenomenon, since it might affect the outcome of any research using universal scales.

“Opinions of Chinese doctors may deviate from international norms because of cultural politeness and a positive attitude to new concepts,” adds Hong Kong-based Dr Bruno Leraillez, Partner of Medimix Asia, who has lived in China for 30 years.

Other significant variations were seen in Japan, Russia, Taiwan and Canada, whose average scores are extremely negative and -1.5 /10 beyond the average.

Medimix International has used the results of this survey to refine the calibration of its Promotest™ Research tool, and keeps enriching it with the results of any new survey. Analysis is performed against this ever growing database of responses from previous tests, at the country and specialty level (the tool covers 60 medical specialties).

For example, in a promotional concept testing for a new treatment of leukemia, the analysis of scoring differences is now possible between oncologists and hematologists, offering an opportunity to be extremely granular in the findings of the research.

“Thanks to our model Promotest™, we are now able to help our clients who are building global marketing campaigns”, comments Henry Gazay, CEO of Medimix International. “The scores obtained by campaigns pre-tested in countries like Mexico and Germany might totally differ, but it does not mean that the campaign has to be rejected. We strongly recommend against testing a global campaign without such international benchmarks, which are based upon years of experience testing campaigns in the healthcare sector.”

About the Methodology
Countries included in the report are:

  • North America: US, Mexico, Canada
  • Asia: China, India, Japan South-Korea, Taiwan
  • Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia
  • Latin America: Brazil, Mexico
  • MEA: Turkey, South Africa

The scoring system used by Medimix International for the Promotest™ surveys is a universal graphic scale with a sliding cursor moving between polarities. The respondents does not see any number, but it returns a very granular result between -100 (negative polarity) and +100 (positive polarity).

For each attribute rated, the results in one country are compared with the global results, and if there is a statistically significant difference, points are given to the country, +1/-1 point for a 0.1 p-value, +2/-2 points for a 0.05 p-value, +3/-3 points for a 0.01 p-value. It means that each point earned shows a highly-to-extremely-significant difference in the way the respondents of the country have rated the project. Then, the percentage of deviant rates, the average rate, and the number of positive and negative rates are summarized for each attributes. With this method, even a relatively small percentage of deviant rates is extremely indicative of a cultural difference, as it means that the answers given in this country were completely different from the rest in 25% of the studies!

Results from physicians, pharmacists and nurses interviewed over a period of 4 years covering 49,838 interviews were analyzed in this report.

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