Medimix International to Present at EphMRA AGM & Conference, June 20-23, 2011, Basel Switzerland

Topic: Social Media’s Role in Marketing Support Services: “Does Your Company’s Self Image Reflect Social Media Reality?”

Miami, FL (Dec 8, 2010) Medimix International and Pierre Fabre have been chosen to jointly present at the 50th annual EphMRA AGM and Conference, which will be held next year in Basel Switzerland, June 20-23, 2011. The theme of the conference, “Stepping it Up,” addresses the issue of how the pharmaceutical industry can shift its strategic focus in face of slowing pharma sales in the US and Europe and “stay ahead of the curve” by adapting business practices with regard to the way in which information is provided and by seeking to better understand its markets and customers.

The Medimix/Pierre Fabre presentation will explain how social media has revolutionized the way people around the globe communicate--online, instantly--and how that affects the approach companies must now take towards their customers in marketing their products. No longer can pharma count on established marketing strategies which present “crafted messages” to healthcare professionals and customers through traditional media.
The presentation will explore some of the issues from two perspectives: as perceived by pharma management (presented by Francois Noailles, head of Pierre-Fabre’s Global Market Research Department – Strategic Marketing) and as analyzed by experts in social media strategy and monitoring (presented by Henry Gazay, CEO of Medimix International).

“We as pharma managers need to ask ourselves if we are listening to our end customers, whether patients, prescribers, pharmacists, or KOL’s,” noted Mr. Noailles. “Are we providing them with real added value? And do we have the capability of becoming a real member of the online community?”

Pharma customers and patients now go online, whether through the computer or mobile phone, to search for information on medical conditions and treatments, seeking advice and sharing experiences. Which means that what is discussed certainly is uncensored and often may express dissatisfaction or commentary that pharma may not want to hear-- but needs to counteract.

The new dynamics of social media more fully integrate the customer into the communication process by establishing a dialogue between pharma companies and their public. The consumer is actually a creative part of the partnership, and for that reason it is risky for companies to step into the online conversations without understanding the culture or the rules of the game.
Examples will be presented from Medimix International’s tracker about “The Pharmaceutical Social Media Landscape,” which analyses the current level of social media adoption by 20 major drug companies worldwide and compares their efforts with a random basket of blue-chip companies.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to present such an interesting subject with Pierre Fabre,” commented Henry Gazay, CEO of Medimix International. “Because this pharmaceutical company has experience in both Rx, OTC and Dermo cosmetics products, it deals with a variety of customers from physicians to pharmacists to patients. This presents Pierre-Fabre with a number of opportunities to make use of Social Media and to develop winning strategies”.

About the Pierre Fabre group
Pierre Fabre is a private European company, headquartered in France (2nd French privately owned pharmaceutical group) with distribution in over 130 countries world-wide. Pierre Fabre has three complementary activities: Pharmaceuticals (Rx), Healthcare (OTC)and Dermo-cosmetics. Pierre Fabre is a fully integrated company (R&D, Distribution, Manufacturing, Commercial Operations) with 10,000 employees world-wide and revenue in 2009 which reached 1.8 billion € (around 2.3 billion US $).

About Medimix International
Medimix International is a dynamic provider of advanced marketing research solutions for the healthcare industry worldwide. Medimix’s proprietary panel provides direct access to more than 550,000 physicians and healthcare professionals from around the world, making it one of the largest panels in the industry.

Medimix has 10 offices across the globe, including USA (New Jersey, Florida), Europe (London), Latin America (Mexico DF and Sao Paolo) and Asia, (Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai).

Medimix has invested heavily in applying research services in the fast growing on-line arena and for the social web. Medimix recently introduced: ScanbuzzTM, a social media monitoring platform for life sciences industries, currently tracking top 200 pharmaceutical products and 100 corporate brands in a variety of therapeutic areas. Clients may monitor their own choice of brands, disease or conditions, or any concept they are interested. Medimix has also partnered with VoxMed TM, a worldwide online community for the medical profession where physicians and healthcare professionals may discuss clinical symptoms, treatments, and prevention.
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