Medimix Online Community Expands in Emerging Markets:
Panel Approaches the Million Mark
Medimix International revealed today that over the last 12 months, it has experienced explosive growth in its online panel of healthcare professionals, which now numbers almost one million. Sixty percent (60%) of the members can now be attributed to emerging markets, particularly from the giant BRIC economies of China and Brazil.
Medimix, which manages one the largest panels in the industry, has diligently sought to recruit additional physicians, pharmacists and nurses in Emerging Markets. It has had an active presence for many years in Latin America, with offices in Brazil, Uruguay, and Mexico. Its offices in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong) and the Philippines have also provided a strong foothold in Asia and growing access to contacts within the healthcare community.

”Being directly present in these countries, we have established local partnerships that enabled us to gain immediate access to large communities of healthcare professionals,” said Henry Gazay, CEO of Medimix International.  “It may be a new frontier for many, but we know the people, we speak the languages, and we continue to forge stronger ties that boost our market research capabilities.” 
Medimix’s growth in these areas is an integral part of the company strategy to offer “e-merging insights” to the healthcare industry—an industry that is becoming more and more aware of the enormous growth potential inherent in these giant economies. With this heightened interest has come a corresponding exponential development of online market research.
For several years, Medimix has been advocating the use of online marketing research in emerging markets. Based on recent surveys performed by Medimix, 99% of Chinese physicians in Tier 1 and 2 cities have internet access, and 69% access it at least once a day. In Brazil, 97% of physicians have access to the internet, and 83% report using it at least once daily. 
Since February 2011, Medimix has offered its community members entry into VoxMed, the first global social media community for healthcare professionals. “Our studies have shown us how important social media has become to healthcare professionals as a source of information, education, and for continuing dialogue on issues that affect their daily clinical practices,” explained Alex Carvalho, co-founder of VoxMed. “We offer this membership to all Medimix panel members, with whom we will develop the community together.”


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